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About Me

Hello! My name is Sindre Kjelsrud, also known as “Sid”. I’m a 3rd year Computer Science student at Western University of Applied Sciences, campus Bergen.

What do I like to do you ask? Well a lot, but as you read on the landing page I mostly like spending my free time bouldering/climbing, play some games on my Wii, watch the newest One Piece episode or build cairns. Below is some other information about me!

👴🏼 Age: 24

👒 Favorite Anime: One Piece

🎵 Favorite Music: Everything indie (indie-rock/indie-pop/etc.), J-Pop & techno.

📽️ Favorite Movie: Ready Player One || Le Sommet des Dieux

🎮 Favorite Games: Minecraft && Wii Sports

📺 Favorite Series: Limitless && Silicon Valley

📚 Favorite Books/Mangas: Permanent Record && The Summit of the Gods

Want to contact me? 📫

You’ll find all my contact information, and “social media”, under contact!