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what i've been doing during the month of june.

what i've been doing during the month of june.

🪴 Life

The 13. of June I finally finished this semester. Exam-period was tough, but at least I’m done! I’ve passed all my exams so far, just currently waiting on my “konte”-exam.

I actually started my first ever summer-internship this month, at NAV IT. I’ve been very excited the last couple of months for this, as well as I’ve been feeling a lot of imposter syndrome lol. I’ll do some journaling each week during the summer so I can take a look back at it and see all the fun stuff I’ve been doing! (will be posted at the end of the summer)

Also this month I got an idea I wanted to incorporate as a segment to this section of my journal called “månedens varde” (this months cairn). This is because I love building cairns during trips, so I wanted to share them as well as it motivates me to go outdoors each month! Some are built to be stable while others are just me trying to build as high as possible lol. And with that, let me proudly present to you this months cairn right below!

månedens varde🪨


Blåmanen, Bergen ~ 14.06.23

💪 Health

This month I’ve done ok in terms of exerciseing, one hike and some bouldering here and there! I always have a hard time keeping my training-routine going between school ending and starting my summer. Hope it’ll become better the next couple of weeks!


Finally finished the logs-page on my website! Here is a link to the site. I haven’t decided yet if I want to make a dedicated link-button to it on my site yet, but we’ll see.

At work I’m gonna learn Kotlin and Next.js this summer as this was the techstack my team went for! Here is the repo for our project if you want to take a look. Love that NAV is all for open-source!

I’ve also been researching Astro a bit here and there, and I’ve decided that I want to try it out for a rebrand of my website! But it’ll take some time since I need to focus on work atm.

📚 Reading

  • I finished Magnus, the biography of Magnus Midtbø. Such a good book, loved that he included images in it so you could see the routes he was talking about! Cool to read about how he grew up and how his career was, as well as his new project with YouTube.
  • I finished Will Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Us? by Stephen Hawking in a day, very short book/essay. Quick read that gives a thought-provoking exploration of the potential risks and implications of advanced AI.
  • Finished Mob Psycho 100: Vol. 7 on the trainride home from Bergen. Pretty good volume.

🎬 Entertainment


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: A rewatch, but this time I didn’t just think about the visuals. As I’ve learned more about AI, the movie gets much more interesting since it delves deep into the intricacies of AI while presenting a captivating narrative about the evolution of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on human existence.
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: Watched it at the cinema, and wow what a great movie! I think this may be my favorite Marvel movie tbh. Such a unique film with so many artstyles! Can’t wait for more.


  • Dr. Stone: Finished season 3, was a good season! Loved the new island stuff.

🎧 Music

I’ve gotten two new vinyls this month!

  • Evig Eventyr” album from Ka2, it’s so goooood.
  • College Park” album from Logic! Haven’t gotten a listen yet, but I know the album is good from Spotify.
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