recently ~ november23

what i've been doing during the month of november.

what i've been doing during the month of november.

🪴 Life

Tons of stuff has happened this month! friByte hosted Bergen Open Source conference and it was a success!! I was one of those in charge of planning the conference and I’m so happy with the outcome after all the work I put in, can’t wait for the one next year (hopefully).

I was a lot outside this month as well. I slept outside on top of Fløyen and went outside bouldering for my first time, it was sick! (more about it under 💪 Health)

This month was filled up with school as well since it’s the examperiod.. My work placement at Wide Assessment finished, and as of today (1.12.23) I finished my last exam of 2023! Can’t wait for the holidays!!

månedens varde🪨


Fløyenvarden trail, Bergen ~ 07.11.23

💪 Health

This month I’ve been active outdoors and went bouldering alot! I actually went bouldering outside for my first time, it was so fun!! There was a huge field of stones in the woods near Åsebø, called Perleveggen. The boulder was named Time for a haircut and it was a 6A! It took some tries and I must say, bouldering outside is something else lol.

👨‍💻 Technology

I’ve renamed the development-section to technology since then I can include more stuff, like how I bought my first server this month! It’s an old PC, the HP Prodesk 600 G3 SFF I7. Bought some more RAM for it and are planning to set it up in December! I got inspired by Rolf to learn myself Kubernetes, so that’s my plan.

📚 Reading

  • Mob Psycho 100: Vol. 8: Pretty good, loved Mob’s little journey. Cool backstory on Mogami!

🎬 Entertainment


  • The Little Mermaid (liveaction): Liked it, but animation is better hehe.
  • Barbie: Saw this in the cinema with my girlfriend and jesus christ this was funny as well as thought provoking! The meta humor was on point. 5/5 easy.
  • Gemini Man: Cool action movie!
  • El Camino: This was such a good movie to finish of Jesses character. Loved it so much.
  • The Hunger Games: Not exactly what I expected, but it was cool! Took me some years to see it hehe.


  • Attack on Titan: Final Season: The end of an era! Such a good ending, wow.
  • Breaking Bad S01-S05: Binged BB for the whole october and november hehe. I’ve never seen the whole series, just episodes here and there. Loved it!

🎧 Music

vibes and variations: november’s tunes🎶

Luchini AKA This Is ItCamp Lo
Everything BoZTrippie Redd, Coi Leray
When I’m in Your ArmsCleo Sol
Drugs From AmsterdamMau P
Angie (interlude)Fred again..
D.F.A.M.Alan Fitzpatrick
BromeliadAaron Cherof, Minecraft
Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 9 AMMorunas
ウィーアー! (ONE PIECE)Hiroshi Kitadani
Papp og PapirKlossmajor
I Really Want to Stay at Your HouseRosa Walton, Hallie Caggings
No Sleep Till BrooklynBeastie Boys
Dog Days Are OverFlorence + The Machine
PAINTI Don’t Like Mondays.
coloradoGolden Vessel
HummingbirdMetro Boomin, James Blake
PlanetPikekyss, Linni
Dire, Dire DocksQumu
Master og PuppetsMetallica
going for a walkOey James
Scalesvon Krogh
On My OwnTobias Dray
Venter på at verden blir snillSvømmebasseng
Jolly Roger