recently ~ september23

what i've been doing during the month of september.

what i've been doing during the month of september.

🪴 Life

Woah, this month I’ve done a lot of stuff! The month started with me going to Trondheim for the festival Festningen. I stayed over at a friends place, met many friends I don’t usually see as often, and got a tour of ITK samfundets serverroom and locale!

I went on two company presentations for Bekk and Knowit. They were pretty cool, Bekk had a workshop and Knowit invited us to their locales for games and stuff!

I went to two screenings this month aswell. One of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on a big screen at Grieghallen with a live orchestra. It was so cool to watch on a big screen, I nerded out the entire movie lol🤓 The other was by FriFlyt Filmtour, which showed six different ski-movies! I loved it, and just wanted to go snowboarding right after🏂

Otherwise there has been a lot of jobsearching and participation in innovation-related meeting and events!

månedens varde🪨


Løvstien, Bergen ~ 06.09.23

✍️ Blogging

This month I published a blogpost about Making the Leap - My Journey from Windows to Arch Linux. Was very happy with how the post turned out!

💪 Health

The training routine is working good I would say! For the gym-part I started journaling/logging my sets, weight, feeling and so on, which is super nice!

I also tried out setting up my own sportsclimbing route! It was super fun, but unfortunately we couldn’t finish it during our session, so I’ll have to go back and finish it. Next months posts will contain an image of the route!

Spoiler: There might be a little dyno in the route!


This months development has been good! I’ve done a lot during my work placement at, here’s a link to the repo for our project! I’m starting to get the hang of C# now, super fun!

I’ve also rewritten my own wiki to Astro! It was fun to do, since I’m still rebuilding my webpage with Astro as well.

I’ve also contributed a little bit to different projects like ChimeraCSS and friBytes conference website!

📚 Reading

Still reading Barack Obama: A Promised Land (it’s so long lol), but I bought a new book this month! It’s called Invisible Women, which is about exposing the data bias in a world designed for men. I found the books description interesting, and it was on sale so why not!

🎬 Entertainment


I started watching the Star Wars movies with my girlfriend, since she hasn’t seen them yet, and I’m loving every part of it!🥹

Other than that I’ve not watched a lot of movies this month, actually just one! It was the AlphaGo Documentary. It was pretty interesting to watch, and I wanted to try out Go aswell hahah🥹


I’ve finally arrived in Wano in One Piece!! Let’s goooo!

🎧 Music

This month I got an idea I wanted to incorporate as a section of this segment. I thought this idea would be cool, because I can document my music taste as well as motivate myself to explore new, different-kinda music!

Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist I’ll update each month! And with that, let me proudly present to you this months tunes right below!

Sidenote: Thanks to ChatGPT for the nameidea hehe

vibes and variations: september’s tunes🎶

adore uFred again.., Obongjayar
Late Night TalkingHarry Styles
BEST INTERESTTyler, The Creator
den jeg vil haKa2
Serotoningirl in red
Grant WasserstienFrat Mouse
I WonderKanye West
Be YourselfFrank Ocean
Mama Said Knock You Out - Sam Wilkes RemixLL COOL J, Sam Wilkes
THE SHADERex Orange County
Better Off (Dying)Lil Peep
Heaven Is a Halfpipe (If I Die)OPM
Emotion MafiaCompany Ink
Worldwide SteppersKendrick Lamar
38.9897 °N, 76.9378 °WLogic, C Dot Castro, Big Lenbo
Super Mario Galaxy: Gusty Garden GalaxyKoji Kondo, Mahito Yokota, Andrew Skeet, London Philharmonic Orchestra
Remeber Summer DaysAnri
Ready SetJoey Valence 6 Brae
Simon SaysPharoahe Monch
Space SongBeach House
Can You Hear The MusicLudwig Göransson
Vi Burde DansePikekyss
GåsehudJesper Jenset
Oslo vet, Pt.2Evig Ferie
Henger med meg selvEvig Ferie
ChemicalPost Malone
Gelendewagen 1982Tøyen Holding, Ivar Strå
Jolly Roger