a life filled with spontaneous interests

My whole life I’ve always been drawn to learning new things, ranging from random knowledge to diverse skills I just wanted to “master”. Some of these hobbies have included graphic design, embroidery, learning capitals around the world, and solving a Rubik’s cube, among others. I’ve noticed that I’m easily influenced by the media I consume, but in a positively enriching way. This semester has been a pretty good example of this.

For instance, I watched The Queen’s Gambit this semester and immediately felt the urge to learn more about chess. I began playing more on Chess.com and even bought myself a chessboard to practice on. It’s something I continue to want to get better at, and someday hope to be somewhat decent at.

Some weeks later I remembered my girlfriend had some juggling balls laying around in her apartment, and I asked if I could borrow them. One week later, after spending almost all my mini-breaks from schoolwork juggling, I finally learned to juggle for a whole minute. Juggling turned out to be not just a physical exercise but a kind of moving meditation, helping me focus and clear my mind.

Next up, inspired by one of PewDiePie’s videos where he learned 7 things in 7 days, I decided to try spinning a frisbee on my finger. Yep, you guessed it right. I started practicing, and although I haven’t “mastered” it yet, the process has been a lot of fun.

In a way, these hobbies are more than just pastimes. They are reflections of my curiosity and joy of learning. While each hobby is different, they all share a thread of creativity and challenge that appeals to my nature.

Reflecting on these spontaneous interests, I realize they’ve brought more to my life than just moments of fun and learning. They’ve taught me the value of adaptability, the joy of small victories, and the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone. In a cliche way, these moments of falling into rabbit holes isn’t just about the hobbies themselves, but about the journey of discovery and the endless possibilities that life offers.

On that I would like to end this post by encouring you to explore some new spontaneous interests of yours, or maybe even try some of the stuff I mentioned above! Feel free to reach out if you come across something exciting and would like to share it :)

Jolly Roger