pokémon yellow: a timeless masterpiece

🕹️ retro game love

🕹️ retro game love

Last year I gave my old GameBoy Color a new life by modding it with a whole new screen and shell! It was such a cool experience and using it has been awesome. I got Pokémon Yellow for it, since it’s one of my favorites in the series, and it did not disappoint!🤩 While playing through it I got the idea to write a blogpost about how unqiue it is, and why it still remains a timeless masterpiece of the Pokémon series.

Pikachu’s Emotions 🥰

From the moment you start your journey, Pikachu is by your side, not just as another entry in a Pokédex, but as a partner on your adventure. Pokémon Yellow was the first game in the series to incorporate a Pokémon’s feelings and emotions toward its trainer. By interacting with Pikachu, players could measure its mood, from happiness to outright disdain. This feature added depth and an emotional connection that was lacking in other titles. Pikachu wasn’t just another Pokémon; it was YOUR Pikachu.

Try talking to it after it learns Thunderbolt!

A Unique Experience ✨

On the topic of other titles we can take a look at Pokémon Yellow compared to newer games in the series. It’s strength lays in it’s simplicity compared to the many added layers of complexity in the newer ones. It provides a pure, exciting Pokémon experience. It reminds players of a time when the thrill of catching a rare Pokémon or battling a gym leader was unparalleled.

Walking is Wonderful 🚶

Maybe one of my favorite things in this game would be the decision to not include a running mechanic. In an era where every game is a race against time, it encourages players to savor every interaction, every patch of grass, and every challenge. It teaches players patience, and it made every wild Pokémon encounter so much more thrilling.

Surfing Pikachu 🏄

Some out of the box thinking by the developers gave players a mini-game providing unexpected amounts of joy! Like what, a mini-game where you can be Pikachu and surf the waves like it does in the anime? You’ll see me like Fry from Futurama wanting this game solely because of that!💥💥💥💳💥💥💥💳 (only downside for this was the need for Pokémon Stadium N64..)

The Autentic Sprites 🖼

This game also showcased some of the most genuine, original and vibrant Pokémon sprites. It gave us players an authentic feel reminiscent of the animated series, bridging the gap between two mediums. The designs had personality, it had character and even charm! It’s art.


While the newer games bring clean, shiny graphics, vast worlds, and fresh mechanics, Pokémon Yellow stands as a beacon of what made Pokémon special in the first place. It captured the essence of the Pokémon world in it’s purest form, reminding us of the joy of simple adventures, the pleasure of forming bonds, and the thrill of becoming the very best, like no one ever was.😙🤌

Jolly Roger