the cozy corners of cyberspace

As of lately I’ve gotten more and more fascinated by the lesser-known realms of the interwebs, also called the ‘small web’. This is, in my opinion, the Internet’s lost charm. Everything nowadays feels just like a cramped city center on the web.

Everything from personal websites, blogs, forums and so on thrive on individuality and passion rather than likes and shares. The authenticity that these small web spaces have just gives me a big breath of fresh air. They offer a genuine glimpse into the minds and hearts of their creators, free from the pressures of algorithmic popularity. I love how creative people can be in their own, little corner of the Internet!

I’ve found so many unique and cool websites! Some of these are:

Exploring the small web is like taking a relaxed walk through a calm forest, far from the city’s noise and clutter. Each website is like a pathway to new discoveries and perspectives.

For those, like me, feeling overwhelmed by the digital version of a cramped city center, I encourage you to explore the small web instead of those mainstream platforms. I find this much more giving than doomscrolling for hours on end.

But where do you find these websites? Good question! You can find them by just getting recommendations from your friends, which is a reason for you to have a blogroll/feedroll - like mine. Some other places to discover these websites are:

And the different performance-focused clubs like:

On an ending note I think you should explore the web like you’re wandering through a forest. Every click takes you somewhere new. Have fun finding your way and seeing what’s around each corner of the web.

Jolly Roger