why you should get the nintendo wii in 2023


Before you start, yes I know the Switch is the handheld/home console go-to for most people when it comes to Nintendo. It’s the handheld/home console hybrid that is the name in gaming at the moment, but let me show you why exactly the Wii is the better choice!

But first, let’s give the Wii an introduction!

The Nintendo Wii was released in 2006 and is one of the most popular and influential video game consoles of all time.

Despite it being over a decade old, the Wii remains a highly sought after gaming system, even in the 2020s!

It was notable for its innovative use of motion control, allowing players to control games using physical gestures and movements, instead of traditional buttons and joysticks. This unique feature made the Wii incredibly popular, particularly among casual gamers, and helped to expand the gaming demographic.

So why is it that the Nintendo Wii still remains so sought after? Well let me list a few reasons why.

Huge library of games

First of all, the huge library of games. The Wii has an extensive library of classic games that are still beloved by players today.

These popluar franchises, like ”Mario” and ”Zelda”, and the cult favorites, like ”WarioWare” and ”MadWorld”, are just some of the games the Wii has to offer. They still hold up today, provide hours of fun and entertainment and are for all players of any age.

A good example of one of the perfect games on the Wii is of course Mario Kart.
It has many good maps, exclusive vehicles (which other games doesn’t have), many good characters, great gameplay (including really fun and sometimes even satisfying/epic moments), good bots that are though to beat and much more!

Also (almost) everyone knows about Mario Kart and have most likely played it atleast once, so it’s perfect for get-togethers!


Secondly, the Wii has such a huge modding community. Why this is a reason alone to buy the Wii?
Well since the 20th of May in 2014 the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service was discontinued. This meant that the online functionality of the Nintendo Wii was gone. But thanks to the modding community players can now play online again!

For those of you who couldn’t care less about playing online, well I got two words for you.

Free. Games.

As the Wii has USB and SD card support you can, after homebrewing your Wii, load up games via these mediums. The games iso’s you can find all over the internet so I won’t link anything, but it’s quite easy to find!

Also another perk is just getting the possibility to fully customize your Wii to your liking with themes and so on.

Note: All Wiis are NOT the same! For example, a Wii Mini is more difficult to mod and have fewer functions than other Wiis.


Another reason to get it is because of how affordable it is! Compared to newer gaming systems, the Wii is relatively affordable, making it a great option for families or individuals on a budget.

Since the Wii has been around for over a decade, there are plenty of used systems available for even less than 50$. It also still hasn’t become one of those collectible consoles yet so that’s good!

The cheapest I’ve found was a Mario 25th anniversary red Wii for 20 dollars, and it included two games and one controller.

Easy to use / Family-friendly

The Wii is also so easy to use because of its unique motion controls! This makes the Wii a great family-friendly console, which will bring fun for the whole family with plenty of games for all ages.

Because of the Wii’s unique motion controls it makes it accessible to people of all ages and skill levels, and also makes the experience much more intuitive and immersive!

Anyways, who doesn’t want to beat their whole family in Mario Kart?!


In conclusion, the Nintendo Wii is (in my opinion) a must-have gaming console, still in 2023!

Yeah yeah, you already know that the Switch is great, but if you’re looking for a Nintendo experience outside the mainstream, the Wii is your choice.

With such a large library of classic games, a big modding scene, affordable prices, easy-to-use motion controls, and much more, the Wii offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience that you won’t find on any other console.

On a finishing note, how can you resist not going back to play as Funkykong?

Jolly Roger