i made a webring!

In my post about the the cozy corners of cyberspace, I mentioned how I’d gotten more and more fascinated by the lesser-known realms of the interwebs, also called the ‘small web’.

By exploring more around the topic, I found something called webrings, which are collections of websites linked together in a circular structure, and usually organized around a specific theme! 🌐

Upon finding more and more of them, on pages like forveverliketh.is that showcases a lot of them, I found out there wasn’t any particular webrings with a One Piece theme. Well, since I’m a huge fan of the anime and had some spare time, I decided why not create a webring for this? It would also be a great opportunity to test out a framework I hadn’t used before, like Vue/Nuxt. 👨‍💻

Thus, I present The Grand Line Webring! This is a webring which hopes to inspire One Piece fans to create and maintain their own personal website, as well as get to know other people with the same interest.

You can view the repository here, where all the critera to join are listed in the README. The webring widget to have on your site is, of course, the Going Merry.

If you’re interested in joining, submit a pull request and I’ll take a look as quickly as I can! If you’d like to introduce some interesting new designs or ideas for the webring, submit an issue and lets discuss it 😅

Jolly Roger