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🌱 ~ Some info I keep forgetting on Linux lol

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Remove .DS_Store files

find . -name ".DS_Store" -print -delete

Fix clock on Arch after updates

sudo systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd.servicekeyboard

Fix keyboard layout on Arch after updates

setxkbmap -layout no

Get & Send files/folders from/to Linux machine

Get files/folder from Linux machine:
scp -r sid@ Desktop

Send files/folder to Linux machine:
scp pepenarutorun.png sid@

How to Format USB using the Terminal

**Step 1: Locate USB Drive**

> Open the terminal and run the following command: ***df***  
The terminal prints out a list of all mounted partitions and relevant information: used space, available space, used space percentage, and the path.  
Locate the USB in the list and find the corresponding device.

**Step 2: Unmount and Format USB Drive**

> Unmount the USB drives before formatting. To do so, run this command: ***sudo umount {USB_FILESYSTEM}***. After unmounting, format the USB drive using the preferred file system:
> - FAT32 file system: sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/{NAME_OF_DEVICE}  
> - NTFS file system: sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/{NAME_OF_DEVICE}
> - exFAT file system: sudo mkfs.exfat /dev/{NAME_OF_DEVICE}

**Step 3: Verify USB Drive Formatting**

> Confirm the formatting process has completed successfully: ***sudo fsck /dev/{NAME_OF_DEVICE}***. A USB drive with no files indicates successful formatting.