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🌿 ~ Rough, but cleaned up notes about the bot

📝 Info

This is a Discord bot made by me with JavaScript. I made it originally in Python, but there were some talk about the discord.py library getting shut down so I switched. Here’s the source code: GitHub link

👷 Installation

When cloning the repository for the first time, you must run an npm install to download the correct dependencies.

🔨 bot.sh - Script

This script is designed to launch the bot as quickly as possible on the server (not the longest script but saves a few seconds lol).

cd sidBot-js/ && node .

💡 TODO()

  • Fix Github Actions so it r’syncs to my server on updates.
  • An auto welcome message for new users on the server
  • !Xquote - Bot sends quotes from breaking bad, star wars etc.
  • !ascii {text} - Bot sends text in ascii-form
  • !rps - Rock-Paper-Scissors game
  • !poll - Bot lets user create a poll with emojis which indicates options
  • !movie - Bot sends a movie recommendation from a movie database
  • !trivia - Bot sends a random trivia question both with and without multiple choice answers
  • !stats - Bot sends a statistic for the discord server, like total servermembers, bots and online members