recently ~ december23

what i've been doing during the month of december.

what i've been doing during the month of december.

🪴 Life

It’s my birthday month, I turned 24! I also had my last exam at the start of the month, it went great. After the examperiod was over I moved back home from Bergen since I’m going to Valencia in Spain next semester as an exchange student! I’m so hyped, can’t wait to live in Spain for 6 months, VAMOS!

Christmas was nice, have been good to see old friends back home. New Years was awesome as always, I LOVE fireworks!🎆

månedens varde🪨


Brønnøya, Asker ~ 27.12.23

✍️ Blogging

I’ve been happy with my continous posting for the montly life update, but unfortunately I won’t do this anymore since I find it more fun to write posts when I feel like it.

But wow what a month of blogging! I’ve posted 5 posts during december, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome:


The updated Astro website has been launched, I’m so happy with the outcome! I’ve added some new pages such as my bookmarks, a digital garden, how to connect with me, my daily uses and my vinyl collection!

I also made myself a GPG and trying to get into the whole signing commits mindset. Big thank you to Tim for his post on “Getting started with GPG”.

📚 Reading

I read some more this month, since I finally got more freetime hahah.

  • Mob Psycho 100: Vol 9: This volume was pretty good, I liked the growth of Mob here.
  • A Promised Land: After on and off reading for 6 months I’ve finally finished it. I’m impressed at the level of self-reflectivness this man has and how well he writes.
  • The Summit of the Gods: Vol.1: LOVED IT! Can’t wait to read the 4 other volumes.

🎬 Entertainment


  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: I liked this so much more than the first, so cool!
  • Sand Castle: Was just a meh-movie, saw it with my dad.
  • Believer 2: Didn’t like it at all, but cool that they filmed in Norway lol.


Finally. after three years. I’ve catched up with One Piece. As of 9th of December 2023 I’m here at episode 1086. It’s been a journey and I can’t wait to see more!

  • Chainsaw Man S01: Cool ass anime, loved the use of different angles!
  • Dr. Stone S03: Saw the second cour, liked it. Excited for season 4!!

🎧 Music

Since this is the last recently post I decided why not show my Spotify Wrapped for 2023 in this section!

During 2023 Spotify told me I was a Time Traveller. This is because I travel back in time and listen to songs on repeat, again and again. I listened to a total of 4649 songs and 3099 artists in 2023. I spent 36019 minutes (that’s 25 days nonstop lol) listening to music.

My top songs were

1. den jeg vil ha
2. Serotonin
3. Better Off (Dying)
4. Food for the Soul
5. Grant Wasserstien

My top artists were

1. Ka2 (top 1% fan hahah)
2. Logic
3. girl in red
4. Fred again..
5. Ramón

My top genres were

1. pov: indie
2. Rap
3. Rock
4. Norwegian Pop Rap
5. House
Jolly Roger